What if adventure started here ? It’s not always easy to take the plunge when discovering a new passion. We all have the same questions: What to choose ? What does my level require ?  At Lozen, we chose to meet athlete needs first rather than on the looks. Our aim is to offer shapes that you need, with quality material to create simple yet efficient and longlasting products. Finally, choosing Lozen is choosing a sport over a sportsman’s name,  quality details over visual aspects details. Thanks to these choices, we can offer quality gear at the best price, making it affordable for everybody.


Lozen, specialized in inflatable stand up paddle, offers a great range of inflatable SUP boards. This complete ranger allows us to offer an inflatable Stand Up Paddle that suits your level, body shape and  habits. 

Thanks to upscale technical specifics, our inflatable paddle boards ensure the best sliding experience possible. Robust, easy to inflate and carry around, our models come in full packs,  with all essential accessories for practicing and preserving your inflatable SUP : a reinforced SUP bag, a high pressure pump, an adjustable paddle as well as a reparation kit for you board’s maintenance.


The advantages of an inflatable Stand-up paddle board over a rigid one

1. An inflatable SUP is easier to carry around

The main strength of inflatable stand-up paddle boards is how easy it is to store and carry them around. When the board is deflated, it easily fits in a big waterproof backpack. Way more handy than a 2m long board, a backpack can be carried around and usually comes with the board. 

What about long distance travel then ? Thanks to its compact dimensions, the inflatable board can fit easily in any car’s trunk, even the smallest ones. If you are planning a train or plane trip, there again, the dimensions of your inflatable SUP’s allows you to register it as a standard luggage. This carry bag is the must-have for any globe-trotters travelling around all the beaches in the world. 

2. Inflatable Stand-up paddle boards are easier to store

A rigid model is hard to store in a regular room, since any board placed vertically might slip and fall, and any board placed horizontally takes a lot more space and is more exposed to shocks. Instead, an inflatable board doesn’t have any of these downsides, and can be stored in the closet or with your sport gear, with no risk of damaging it. 

This ease of storage is a real asset for all city dwellers who generally don’t have a garage or any other space big enough to store it safely. 

3. Inflatable SUP is more affordable

The material used is the main criterion when setting the price of a stand-up paddle board. This is why an inflatable model, mostly made of PVC fabric, will be cheaper than a similar rigid model. The more we go up in racing models, the more the prices gap increases. 

How to choose WELL your stand up paddle BOARD ? OUR TIPS :

1. It is my first SUP, which one do I choose ?

An inflatable model of SUP is perfect to start with stand paddle boarding, because it is both easy to carry around and offers excellent performances. When buying your first board, the best it to choose a versatile model

It will allow you to experience many types of sensations with great performances: surfing, strolling, racing…You can start with strolls on calm  water, the best way to initiate yourself with SUP, then you will be able to try other practices, for extreme sensations. 

Many aspects must be looked into when choosing your first board. The board’s length should be between 9’5″ and 12′, which corresponds to a allround family board.

The width and thickness of the board depend more on your body shape. We recommend to start with a confortable width. Your sliding will be a little less fast but you will gain on stability, which is the first challenge as a beginner. 

2. Which board and what use ?

In order to choose correctly your SUP, you must first think about the use you will have. Indeed, the features of your board must fit your body shape and use.

The SUP stroll is the most interesting stand-up paddle practice for a beginner. It is also the more family friendly and less tiring activity, because it is usually done at a rather slow pace and on calm water. A long large board  is recommended, because it offers a great stability. For racing, you should choose and long and narrow board.  

You can also use your stand-up paddle board to surf. The inflatable SUP is recommended for small waves. It is better to have a rather short and highly maneuverable board to fully enjoy the surfing aspect of this board.

Finally the SUP is also great on white water. For this use, an inflatable SUP is definitely recommended because it has a higher resistance to shocks. A white water SUP board must be narrower to allow a good speed sensation, but a reasonable width for more stability. 

3. How to understand the different qualities and the Dropstitch technology ?

Nowadays, there are different qualities and technologies used to build a Stand-Up Paddle board. The primary material of an inflatable SUP is the Dropstitch. The thickness of the PVC main layer as well as the number of threads binding the two layers are two important aspects. The Lozen boards are built with the best Dropstitch on the market. As a result, our SUP are the more rigid and longlasting ones. 

Then, there are different technologies possible to build a SUP with this Dropstitch. The first one is the simple layer one. Simple layer SUP are lighter, and their quality lies in the quality of the Dropstitch used. These boards are perfect for short boards used by rather lighter body shape. They provide confort of use for small sized users such as kids. Keep in mind to check the quality of the Dropstitch used. Some brands would use a cheap Dropstitch that will tend to bend under the user or result in leaks after only a couple of months of use. 

The FUSION technology that we use mostly at LOZEN consists in doubling the PVC layer at the beginning of the Dropstitch construction.  This technique strengthens the rigidity and resistance of the SUP while minimizing its weight, no need to add glue between the Dropstitch and the second PVC layer. Nowadays, it is the best technology yet to create big boards offering a great stability (bigger body shapes) while staying really light.

Finally, there is the double layer technology. A couple of years ago, it was the only real quality guarantee. The Dropstitch qualitiy was not as high as the one that we can find now the the FUSION technology did not exist yet. This method of construction consists in gluing a second layer over the Dropstitch. You also get rigid boards like with FUSION technology, only heavier. It is also more expensive. Nowadays, this type of conception is used for SUP meant to be rented, and therefore, with intensive use. 

All Lozen boards are designed to meet a precise need. We want to offer an optimal quality for your body shape and your SUP activity. If you choose a board fit for your SUP activity, you will not be disappointed. A doubt ? You can still contact us