At Lozen, we chose to bet on inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards. They are more affordable, versatile, and easy to carry around. Today’s inflatable boards are far different from the ones you could see a couple of years ago. Thanks to the technical progress, they are now as performing as rigid ones, at a more attractive price. Unless if you are aiming for the podium , this is exactly what you need.


Willing to share our love for the discipline, we decided to offer inflatable stand up paddle boards, as they are just as performing as rigid models, only cheaper.

A cheap inflatable SUP, is it at the expense of the product quality ?

How can we offer a great quality, longlasting and cheap product at the same time ?

  1. Instead of selling SUP accessories separately at a higher price, we offer a SUP range fully equipped with the essential accessories to allow you to practice Stand Up Paddle boarding the right way, safely and for a long time.
  2. Why not choose a SUP signed by Denis Llorens or sponsored by Monster ? We focus on the core quality of a board rather than on the prestige of a name.

  3. An inflatable Stand Up Paddle board is definitely cheaper to build. Both material and construction technologies are less expensive than for the rigid boards, as well as its maintenance on the long run. Those are all the reasons why we can offer a superior quality at a lower price.

Why is an inflatable board cheaper than a rigid model ?

Let’s look first to the material needed on a rigid SUP : epoxy, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene… Performing material, yes, but expensive. Furthermore, some boards are handmade, with quality wood. Finally, the construction process, the treatment and the finishing touch contribute to the rise of the manufacturing costs, and therefore, the selling price.
Lozen uses a smaller quantity of material at a lower price, and is thus able to offer cheaper boards. Don’t forget that a SUP is a long run investment, implying maintenance costs.  On the other hand, a rigid board is more exposed to scratches and shocks, which, due to its composition, is more expensive to fix.

Thanks to the reparation kit that we provide which each of our SUP, you won’t need to bring your board to repair as often as you might with your rigid model. A Lozen Stand Up Paddle Board is less expensive to buy, and less greedy in maintenance.


Choosing a Lozen Stand up Paddle board is choosing both quality and handy gear


Despite what it might look, an inflatable board is actually stronger than a rigid board, and is handier for white water practice. The many PVC layers absorb better frictions and shocks. Unlike a rigid board, you won’t risk scratching, damaging or even breaking your inflatable board with a clumsy paddle stroke or a brutal rock impact. Furthermore, any puncture can immediately be resolved thanks to the reparation kit provided with all Lozen SUP boards.  

With a rigid board, any serious damage will need to be fixed in a repair workshop, which will take both a lot of time and money.


Whether you like to go on single trips looking for the best wave or to share fun with family or friends, an inflatable model will be easier to carry around. The board easily fit a transport bag with the rest of the accessories.

You can take it easily with you anywhere by train or plane as a backpack.

Also, families will love how it fits in any car trunk, and still leaves room for more.


Once deflated, a Stand Up Paddle board takes very little room, compacted in its transport bag. You can easily store it in a closet or in your living room, behind the sofa.

This feature is great for people living in an apartment, in a smaller space. City dwellers don’t always have a garage or enough room to store a rigid board.