Affordable accessories for inflatable SUP boards

In order to guarantee the best sliding experience possible, with our SUP boards, they all come in packs, with all essential accessories for use or maintenance.

Our SUP board are all sold in packs, with a double way SUP pump, a leash, a paddle, a fin, a reparation kit as well as a carry bag. Nos planches sont automatiquement vendues avec une pompe, une leash, une rame, un aileron, un kit de réparation ainsi qu’un sac de rangement. Supplying this equipment directly in the pack allows us to offer lower price products.
However, some SUP accessories are not included in the pack. Therefore, you can find all Lozen SUP accessories here.


A nautical sport comes with some risk, although it is often minor, it should not be overlooked. In order to be prepared for anything, you can choose among our different  safety jackets according to your body shape and activity: from white water SUP to surf on seashore, including fishing or river kayak.

The vests have ZIP on the front as well as reflecting tape and belts with quick release allowing a firm hold on the bust. The Rando model has many storage space fitting perfectly for fishing, whereas the Piko model for children is equipped with a whistle and a carry handle for even more safety.


In order to ease transport, all SUP’s come with carrying bag. Bigger and thicker than a standard backpack, it is designed to carry your SUP around more easily.

Once the bag is full, the size is about the one of a hiking backpack, and thanks to its rectangular shape, fits perfectly in the trunk of your car, in the train or even as a standard luggage in the plane.

Robust, handy, compact and comfortable, this bag for inflatable SUP is also waterproof !


In order to enjoy the full potential of your SUP, it is recommended to practice it with a quality fin and a good paddle model.

In addition to the shape and dimensions of your inflatable stand-up paddle, it is important to look into your fin. With its 18cm*3cm, our fin mixes power and resistance to get the best of your board.

Really easy to fix at the back of your SUP, it can be used on most inflatable stand-up paddle board models.

For the paddles, we chose adjustable paddles to allow each one to get the best of their board. This way, you can share your paddle with a friend or children, no need to buy a new one fit for them. Made of aluminium and fiber nylon, our inflatable SUP paddles are really robust.